Join the Zoom Meeting

Join the meeting by clicking on a Zoom meeting link provided by the meeting host => follow the prompts to download and run Zoom => enter the meeting ID if prompted => click to join the audio (OR) if you already have Zoom software installed in your system, simply open Zoom application, click ‘join’ and enter the meeting code.

For Speakers

You will be allowed to share your screen during your presentation.

Session chair will pick the questions from the participants and asks the speaker depending on the time available. In case if more questions are left in the chat box, we encourage speakers to answer via chat and continue the discussion.

For Poster Presenters

All the poster presentation recorded videos are made available to all the participants to view at any point of time at their convenience.

According to the program, the presenter will be available during the time slot for the Q&A.

Mute/Unmute & Audio Settings

Except for the chairman/moderator and the speaker, all attendees microphones will be muted by the host.

Q&A - Chat Function

The participants will submit their questions through the Chat box and the moderator / chair of the session will pick the questions for the discussion.

To direct your question, tag the speakers name to the questions as you submit them to the chat (e.g., For Dr. Will Torres – Question 1).

Considerations for PC Users [create on PC then move to Mac]

If you have trouble in login or any technical issues, please write to